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 Information Flows Non-Stop to Private Citizen in USA

The Owner of This Website is the Only

Defence for Many Everyday Money MasterCard

Customers from Identity Theft and Fraud


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So, you think that you will eliminate any type of online security issues by using postal-mail or by faxing your applications directly. 

Think Again, Because your application is photocopied by an hsbc related company, and is then sent directly to me!

These applications shown were not sent to me by customers.

Perhaps, I should just be issued a credit card with your account number and My Name.

After all, I continually receive more than enough information needed to STEAL YOUR PERSONAL IDENTITY and ruin your life financially!!!

Yet, the HSBC website claims:
'We take your online security seriously'


 Here's a fraction of photocopies errantly received -- Look closely, perhaps you'll recognise your handwriting and signature.
I have concealed some areas for obvious reasons.


HSBC Woolworths Security Problem

HSBC Woolworths Security Problem

HSBC Woolworths Security Problem

HSBC Woolworths Security Problem

HSBC Woolworths Security Problem

Although there are 7.086 billion people in our world, only one person knew of a major security issue--Me.

I did not attempt to steal YOUR identity, nor did I purchase merchandise using YOUR credit card number with YOUR signature, nor make any attempt sell YOUR sensitive personal financial information to others.  No, I took the high road and chose to PROTECT YOU!

Woolworths response to my virtuous act of warning YOU through this website, was not to say, 'thank you' for being so honest and taking it upon yourself to protect our valued customers--people that you don't even know, nor will you ever meet in your lifetime.  NO, Woolworths simply tried to 'TAKE' my domain name without any offer of compensation for my property.  That was almost 2 years ago and I haven't heard from them since.  Meanwhile, I continue to receive YOUR personal information.

A brief history...

It has literally been years since I first warned HSBC and Woolworths of this major security issue pertaining to their Woolworths Everyday Money credit card email of both customers and related companies errantly being sent to my website email address.

EverydayMoney.COM--this website, has been owned by me since 2001, several years before the credit card and its namesake website, EverydayMoney.COM.AU, came into existence.

This website, EverydayMoney.COM, for many years published finance articles and promoted credit cards.  That was until I began to be overwhelmed by the amount of emails containing personal financial data and sensitive personal identifying information.  The more the credit card grew in popularity, the more emails that I received.

I then proceeded to email both HSBC and Woolworths several times each, expressing my concerns over the amount of personal information that I was errantly receiving--I never received a response from either company.  Electing not to be deterred by their inaction of protecting their credit card customers, I chose another route. 

I opted to put my own website interests on hold to warn the customers of the HSBC/Woolworths Everyday Money credit card of the potential dangers of their personal financial information potentially falling into the hands of someone less than honourable.

As to anyone believing that I am holding out for a 'gazillion dollars', I wish to clearly state that at no point has there ever been presented or a discussion of a price by either party.

As to claims of extortion.  I ask where? I am receiving your financial data and I'm attempting to make certain that this delicate information only goes to the intended recipient--not me.  Where is the extortion? Especially when money has never once been discussed between anyone involved.

If I wished to do anything illegal, I would have already bought that new big screen television and taken that dream holiday to Hawaii, compliments of YOUR Everyday Money Credit Card numbers and signatures that I receive... and you would have never understood how someone in the United States was able to get access to your financial data. Do you think the other parties involved would have told you, especially since they have known about it for years, yet continue to take your monthly service fees and tell you that you're being protected by them from fraud?

You people better wake up and realize who's the one that is being extorted--it's you.  Paying HSBC for a 'protection service' that I provide to you. But I would have to think that their in-house computer security is much more expensive and anti-hack effective at protecting customer data, than a common home computer.

I tell you this because it is my opinion that Woolworths values their money over YOUR financial safety and security.  After all, it has been over two years since I last heard from them, even though they KNOW that YOUR personal financial data is flowing non-stop to someone completely unrelated to their business, on the other side of the world!  

YOU be the judge, it's YOUR personal identity and financial security at risk--not mine!

Numerous times over the years, I have personally contacted to assist HSBC/Woolworths Everyday Money credit card customers who were desperately attempting to reach the staff at EverydayMoney.COM.AU, but mistakenly sent email to me.  Perhaps, I should send a bill of charge to HSBC/Woolworths for each event in which I provided customer support to their credit card customers.


It is unfair for you to have your confidential information so flagrantly mishandled for so many years, in spite of you paying a monthly service fee for their protection--NOT MINE!!

It is unfair to me, that HSBC & WOOLWORTHS have Knowingly, Willingly and Without Hesitation, Continually laid the burden of protecting your personal finances and sensitive information upon my shoulders, for YEARS--and without compensation!!!

PLEASE, do yourself an enormous favor. 

protect yourself by signing with another credit card company, one that will take YOUR financial security seriously.  Not a company that willingly relies upon some 'honest bloke' in America to ensure that your personal finances and identity remain safe and secure!! 

I am not a credit card security company... I am a private citizen of the United States of America who has been thrust into the service of protecting the customers of HSBC/WOOLWORTHS!!

Please contact HSBC and WOOLWORTHS to express your displeasure with their lack of concern in protecting your personal identity and financial data.


The following information is copied from the EverydayMoney.com.au website, to which they retain all rights

“Everyday Money” is a brand of Woolworths Limited ACN 000 014 675 (“Woolworths”) which is also used under licence by providers of Everyday Money products and services.  Woolworths and other providers of Everyday Money products and services are referred to as “Everyday Money providers”.  HSBC Bank Australia Limited ACN 006 434 162 (“HSBC”), AIA Australia Limited (ABN 79 0004 837 861 AFSL No. 230043) and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited ACN 005 357 522 AFSL 234527 ("ANZ") are Everyday Money providers.

If you have any questions regarding these Terms, please call Everyday Money on 1300 10 1234 for more information.

This domain name is 'for sale', just as I have all several dozen domain names that I currently own.  Many of them are active websites, but all of them are for sale at the right price.  It's capitalism; the core of America.

This website does not pay for advertising. It is most commonly accessed by direct URL address.

Third parties have offered to purchase this domain name, however, for the financial security of numerous HSBC/Woolworths credit card customers, I have withheld from doing so.

The statements contained on this website are my personal view and are not intended to be perceived as the only possible view or opinion. It's what we in America call, 'Freedom of Speech'.


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